Karen Tompkins has spent her life exploring opportunities to learn and teach. During high school in Windsor, Ontario, Karen became very involved in community theatre. This hobby turned into a career when she attended the University of Windsor for an Honours Degree in Drama in Education with a focus on Developmental Psychology.

After receiving her Bachelor of Education, Karen taught drama at Essex DHS in Essex ON, taking on the Arts Headship in her last 8 years there. She also received her Special Education Specialist as well as her Principal's Qualifications during this time period. For the last few years, Karen has been teaching Special Education in the Greater Essex County District School Board.

As Erin's mom, Karen has also taken time to become a Sensory Processing Therapist and is currently the President of the Joubert Syndrome and Related Disorders Foundation (www.jsrdf.org )


Books by Karen Tompkins

Different Is Just Different . . . .Purple STew