"Move On" Drama Workshop


Thank you for all the work you did during the IDEA conference. I came back with lots

of new techniques and plans.   I will be spending some time this month

on developing a grade 12 drama course and would like to add some of the games we did.

Once again, thank you for your sharing of ideas.

Your number 1 fan,

Jan Stapleton

Central Peel S.S

Brampton, Ont.                                              




My name is Monica Chochinov and I would like to thank you so much for the Bio-chemistry and drama workshop. It was absolutely fabulous and I plan to use a lot of those activities not just with my drama kids but also with my restless ELA kids.

Monica Chochinov


My name is Jan Bentham, here in Ottawa. I loved your workshop from the
perspective of a primary teacher of special needs and now a high school
teacher. Many could benefit from your wisdom. Please keep me on your
list of contacts.
Janet Bentham
St. Peter High School
Orleans, Ont.