About Shoo Bear Fundraising

The most important time an adult spends with a child often includes books. Your fundraiser will encourage families to connect and share a common experience.

You just can’t get that from chocolate and wrapping paper!

By choosing a Shoo Bear Fundraiser, your group is also supporting inclusion, education and the family values that bring your group together.

With Shoo Bear Fundraisers, your group will receive all the tools necessary to have a successful fundraising experience.

How it Works

The book, Different is Just Different retails at $7.50. As a Shoo Bear Fundraiser, books are purchased in sets of 100 books and sold for $4 a book! Your group then sells each book for up to $10 dollars.
That’s a $6 profit per book!!
When you begin your fundraiser, you automatically receive promotional material to assist in a successful experience for the fundraising organizers.

Promotional Materials: Templates

*Flyer template announcing the upcoming fundraiser.
*Order form template.
*Tracking sheet template for the organizers

Book Sets

Books are purchased in sets of 100 and must be paid for before being shipped to your group. Your group can choose!
. * have customers pre-pay and then give out the book
OR *Pre-pay for the books and re-sell to the customer.

Shoo Bear Fundraising will find the best fit for your group!!

Shoo Bear Contest Package

Provide an incentive for the top seller OR have a creative contest to pre-advertise the fundraiser. This set of five prints of the book illustrations is available as a prize or a keepsake☺


These charges vary according to the type of shipping needed and the destination of the boxes. Groups are also able to arrange their own pick up/delivery with their own shipping company. Organizations within Essex County, Ontario will benefit from personal delivery at no charge.


Shoo Bear Fundraising is always eager to work with you to personalize your fundraiser. If you need options not listed here, just ask!

Download the full Printable Brochure and order form HERE