Temporarily Out Of Print

Making a purple stew. Whip whip whip whip.
Making a purple stew. Scoobi-doobi-doo.
With purple potatoes and purple tomatoes
Fancy meeting you in a purple stew.
...Children’s game

I usually order clear soups...chicken noodle, minestrone. Safe, well known, comforting because they’re common. But still, I always entertain the notion of something more exotic when I go to order. Perhaps seafood chowder, Cajun gumbo...but Purple Stew??! The idea intrigues me but my appetite for comfort always brings me back to chicken noodle, predictable and easily identifiable chicken noodle.

So, I place my order. Occasionally I wonder briefly why some people would ever order stew. The ingredients always appear to be vague representations of their former selves. I’m never sure what taste I’m going to experience until it’s been bitten. What would I do if I bit into a big chunk and then discovered I didn’t like it?

I have to admit, the few times I’ve been served stew at a friend’s house it has been a pleasurable experience. Aunt Evelyn’s stew was one of these. A perfect blend of vegetables and herbs that made me relax and enjoy the surprising harmony of flavours. But it wasn’t enough to prompt me to order it voluntarily...and I definitely wasn’t ready for the purple kind. Perhaps no one is.